Jan Møller Hansen (b. 1964) is a self-taught photographer, who works with visual story telling and social documentary.

His visual stories and documentary photography work focus on the lives and conditions of poor, marginalised and stigmatised people, living with conflict, displacement, insecurity, injustice, inequality and corruption. All his photography projects share a profound interest in human rights, dignity and the belief that everyone has the right to be recognised as a human being, regardless of social background, family relations, or living conditions.

Jan Møller Hansen has won first and second prices for his documentary and photojournalistic work in the International Photographer Awards, La Grande Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, Monochrome Photography Awards, Neutral Density Photography Awards, Monovisions and other competitions. In 2015, he published the book ”Images of Nepal”, Jagadamba Press, and was recognised as the IPA People Photographer of the Year 2015. His work has been published in photography magazines, newspapers and other media in the UK, US, Spain, Denmark, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries and has been exhibited in Nepal, India, Denmark and Sweden.

Jan has attended a few trainings by World Press Photo, Noor Images, Danish School of Media and Journalism, VII Photo Agency, Magnum Photos, British Journal of Photography and Grundtvig High School. He has worked in Nepal (1991-1995, 2013-2016), Vietnam (2000-2004), Bangladesh (2007-2012) and South Sudan (2017-2018) and has been on numerous short-term missions in Asia and Africa as a development and humanitarian manager and senior diplomat.

Email: janmha368@gmail.com
Mobile: +45-29846658